Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday Maclain

On November 25th, Maclain turned 4 years old! How can it be?!?

Where do I begin with this one??  Maclain is one-of-a-kind, that's for sure!  She can go from one emotion to the other in about a millisecond.  She is a thinker, and likes to think she knows best. :)  She has a big heart and an even bigger personality.  She loves to be a momma to Miller and I catch her saying the sweetest things to her.  She loves to be a helper, especially in the kitchen.  She can cook and bake with the best of 'em.  She can throw some major fits too, but the good thing about her is that when it's over, it's over.  It doesn't ruin her day.  She can entertain herself really well, and loves to play dress-up and babies! Maclain is really enjoying preschool and her teacher tells me she behaves well and is a really good listener.  She wants to be as independent as she can be, but is good about knowing her limits and will ask for help when she knows she needs it.  Life is definitely a bit spunkier with this one around, that's for sure!