Friday, January 8, 2016

Grandfather Mountain

Way back in October, we picked a random Saturday and decided to make a day trip over to Grandfather Mountain State Park.  We got there around mid-morning and spent the first part of the day checking out their animal exhibits, eating lunch, and exploring. 

After lunch and a bit of exploring the scenery, we headed up the mountain to the mile-high swinging bridge. This was our main reason for making the drive over (and seeing the gorgeous leaves this time of year!) and the view did not disappoint.  It was still a bit foggy, so it wasn't as clear as usual, but since it was our first time there we didn't know the difference anyway. :)

After leaving the state park, we drove for a little while on the Blue Ridge Parkway and got to stop and check out one of the bridges that the company Daniel worked for in Tallahassee designed.

Because of the fog, the pictures really don't do the scenery justice.  The leaves were actually at their peak that particular weekend and all of the colors were so pretty!  I am so glad we made this trip... 5 hours in the car was tough on the kids at times, but they are still talking about "Grandpa Mountain" (as Maddox calls it).  Hoping we can go back next Fall!


  1. Beautiful!!! Ahh, I want to move to NC so bad! Just promise me that y'all will stay forever with us. ;)

    1. Deal, Jamie! But only if y'all agree to move down the street so it will feel like Opelika times. ;-)

    2. YES!!! We absolutely can make that happen. :)