Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Maddox is 4!

Our Maddox Jeffrey turned 4 on March 23rd...

Why does the age of 4 sound so big??  Nevertheless, here we are!  He wanted a Peter Pan theme party so that's what we did.  We had it at Trousdell Gymnastics center and it was a blast!  They had several activities set up for the kids to do, the first of which was the foam pit.  It was a big hit!

After the pit, they did an obstacle course...

After the course, they did the trampoline and swings...

All the kids patiently waiting their turn :)

This face sums up her personality perfectly!
The last thing they did was a big parachute.  All the kids made a big tent with it and sat on the inside and sang Happy Birthday to Maddox.  It was super sweet and he felt so special!

After singing Happy Birthday we went to our party room and had cupcakes and opened presents...

Maddox's favorite part was blowing out the candles on his cupcake and then opening presents...

We are so grateful that both mine and Daniel's parents are able to attend our kids' parties.  Owen Kate even got to come with Lolli and G from Nashville! This was our best attempt at a group picture...

Happy birthday to our sweet boy!!  We love you so much and are super proud of you!

Kitchen Renovation

We have been doing a little renovating in our kitchen over the last couple of months.  Since we moved in, we knew we eventually wanted to replace the counter tops and backsplash.  I have also always LOVED white cabinets and wanted to paint ours, so we got to work at the end of January.  We had a local company do the granite, and Daniel did the backsplash and cabinet painting.  I have to brag on Daniel for a minute... he did an outstanding job on both and I am so happy he didn't mind doing it himself to save us some money.  He worked tirelessly after he got off work to get everything done and I am so proud of the job he did!

Kitchen before:

Kitchen After:

It is amazing how much brighter everything is, and how much happier I am walking into our kitchen now.  I love the contrast and am so happy that it is done!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Seacrest Beach

Last Wednesday we drove over and met my parents at Seacrest Beach for a few days.  Despite the cold temps and brutal wind, we still managed to get some beach time in. 

Miller was there, too, but she hung out inside the whole time.  She didn't seem to know she was missing anything...

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for inviting us to tag along!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Miller - 5 Months

Look at how big our sweet Miller Lee is getting...

This girl is such a sweetie!  She has her fussy moments, but is mostly laid back and happy.  Here are some things I want to remember about her at this age:

-Just moved into a size 3 diaper
-Is eating rice cereal really well now
-She had sweet potatoes for the first time last night and gobbled them up!
-She is getting so strong!  She actually looks like she is trying to crawl sometimes when she is on her belly and she sees something she wants.  She can definitely wait a while on that!
-She takes 4-5 bottles a day and sleeps a 9-10 hour stretch at night, sometimes followed by another 1-2 hour stretch.
-We are still not on a great napping schedule b/c we are on the go a lot, but I am learning to be ok with that!
-Miller is not much of a cuddler... when it's sleepy time she wants to be put down in her bed.
-She loves watching Maddox and Maclain and especially love when they "play" with her
-Her fussiest time is around dinner each night... she is so sleepy but it's still a little early to go to bed.  On the days that she takes a late afternoon nap she is happier in the evening before bed.
-She loves to swing at the park
-She is getting to where she really notices where I am and what I am doing.  She prefers to be able to see me, but as long as she's not sleepy or hungry she's content playing on her own.
-She still loves taking a bath, and especially loves holding her hand under the water as it's coming out of the faucet.
-Smiles and giggles a lot

We love you Miller Lee and look forward to seeing you reach so many more milestones! :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

New Dress for my Sweet Girl!

I made this dress for Maclain last week and thought she was just too cute in it... just had to share!

Every time I make something she always asks, "Is that for MEEEE?"  She gets really disappointed when it isn't. ;)