Monday, April 29, 2013

Tallahassee Museum

Last week we met Renee and Isaac at the Tallahassee Museum.  We really didn't pick the best day to go because about 20 minutes after getting there it started pouring rain and we had to leave. :(  We did get a little fun in, though!  The guest animal through September is a tiger.  This was about the only animal we had a chance to see before the rain started, but I have a feeling it would have been their favorite part anyway.  The tiger was loving all the attention the kids were showing it...

Another favorite of Maddox's at the museum is the red caboose.  We usually stop there first...

We can't wait to go back when the weather is better!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

17 Months Old

This little stinker is 17 months old today...

Some things about her at this age:
-Still very clingy to me and doesn't go to others very easily unless she is really familiar with them
-Has another top tooth coming in, bringing the count to 9
-Is beginning to play with Maddox more and more and wants anything he has
-In the car when a song comes on that she doesn't want to listen to, she says, "no" over and over until I change it
-Loves playing outside
-She is a climber and is very adventurous
-She will try to say anything now and we can understand most of what she says
-Takes her shoes off as soon as we get into the car to go anywhere
-Goes all through the playplace at Chick-fil-A without help now
-Has been in a bit of a hitting stage but she seems to be getting a little better
-Loves to walk around the house holding clothes
-Does not like wearing a bow but we are working on it
-Still a great sleeper
-Will give the sweetest kisses if you catch her at the right time
-Is beginning to have a longer attention span with books
-Loves any kind of bag and will put it on her arm and walk around with it
-Her favorite thing to do in the bath is splash
-Sleeps with 3 pacis and her blankie at night

She really is a sweet girl and we enjoy seeing the changes that each month brings!

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Time "Off" and Our Weekend

Last Wednesday I drove the kids to Albany where we met my parents and they took the kids back home with them for a couple of days. Then on Friday when Daniel got off work we drove to Opelika and spent the rest of the weekend with everyone.  It was so nice having a couple of days here without having to worry about schedules and other things, but I have to admit I did miss them a lot.  I even had to turn on the sound machine in Maddox's room at night because I am so used to the sound over the monitor.  I can't sleep without it! :) 

On Thursday while I was "off" I got my oil changed and was able to do some reading while I waited, then I met my friend Katie for lunch at Hurricane.  That afternoon I did some grocery shopping and then cooked dinner for me and Daniel at home that night.  After dinner we went to one of our neighborhood lakes and took the boat out for a little fishing.  Daniel did the fishing and I took my Kindle along and was in charge of steering the trolling motor.  :)

On Friday I spent most of the morning glued to the news watching the Boston Bombing coverage, then I enjoyed a quite lunch alone at Chick-fil-A.  That afternoon I did some browsing at JoAnn, where I scored this super cute fabric on sale that I used to make some ruffle pants for Maclain...

We got to Opelika around 9:00 Friday night and had a great weekend there hanging out.  We spent a lot of Saturday afternoon fishing, and I actually caught a few fish myself...


It was great to get a couple of days "off" and to see the kids' reactions when we walked in the door Friday night at Mom and Dad's.  While we love our children dearly, I think it's very healthy to spend some time away from them every now and then too!

Friday, April 19, 2013

We've Named the Caboose!

Our little caboose now has a name...

Miller Lee Mundie

  We decided early on that we were not going to find out the gender of the baby.  Some think we are crazy, but we are not wavering.  Since we already have a boy and girl, we thought it would be really special to have this last surprise to finish up our family.  With that being said, one thing I really liked about knowing the sex of Maddox and Maclain was that we already felt connected to them once they were born.  But the more I have thought about it, I think that connection was so strong due to the fact that we had been calling them by name for most of the pregnancy, not necessarily because we knew the gender.  So once we decided not to find out, we knew we wanted to choose a gender-neutral name so that we would be able to call this baby by name just like we did with Maddox and Maclain.  We both love the name Miller and feel it will work for both a boy and a girl.  Lee is Daniel's middle name so that is a special name to us, too.  Even though I have been referring to this baby as Miller to myself for a while now, it feels good to make it official.

I monogrammed this onesie the day I found out I was pregnant and had it laying on the bed when Daniel got home from work that day.  It was so neat to see his reaction when he found it and put it all together.  I took a chance wasting this onesie since we had not fully decided on the name yet, but I think I knew deep down that Miller would be it.  Daniel is not hard to please, so thankfully it was a pretty easy decision for us.  So there ya have it... we can't wait to meet Miller! :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just a few pictures

Maddox keeping himself entertained while I got dressed

Spending the morning at Tom Brown

Maddox and Isaac having some art time

Sharing their ice cream at Chick-fil-A

Bath time!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Springtime Tallahassee 2013

Every year the city puts on a Spring parade downtown and this was our 2nd year to go!  After the parade each year, Daniel's company has a "picnic" in the courtyard between two of their buildings and they have a nice food layout, activities for the kids, face painting, and much more.  It's always a lot of fun!  Maclain was at a tough age this year to sit still during the parade (which lasts 1 1/2 hours!)  Maddox, on the other hand, was very into it and loved it!

When we got home from the parade and picnic, we realized that Maddox was running fever.:(  Maclain was sick with a fever virus earlier in the week and decided to share it with her big brother.  Everyone is finally well again and we are back into our routine!  Yay for healthy kiddos!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Silly Girl

Being silly at the doctor

Where's Maclain??


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

13 Weeks

Easter Sunday marked 13 weeks...

In other big news, I felt the baby move for the first time on Saturday night.  I was laying on my back in bed and felt several little "thumps" back to back.  I waited a few minutes and then felt it again.  So exciting! :)

The Last Bit of Easter

We had a great Easter on Sunday and are so thankful for friends who take us in as family when we can't be with our own families.  After church Sunday morning we headed over to the Reavis' and got to enjoy a nice lunch with them.  After that we went home to let the kids get naps in before our evening festivities.
Family Picture

The best sibling shot I could get :)

Pretty girl!

After naptime we went over to the Evers' house and had our final easter egg hunt before eating a delicious dinner.  Maddox and Kate really got into the hunt and found most of the eggs... Maclain was a little slower but she did manage to find 5. :)