Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Picture Update

Here is a little bit of what we have been up to this month...

We still eat at Chick-fil-A a lot ;)

Everybody has their own set of wheels :)

I just love this one!

They love playing in our bed

Lydia and me at our girls weekend

Loved catching up with April!

All the girls... what a fun weekend! :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4th of July 2014

We headed up to Nashville again this year to celebrate the 4th of July with Daniel's family.  As usual, we had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone!  Maddox and Maclain especially enjoyed getting to play with Owen Kate and they were going non-stop until bedtime each day!  We went to the park, swam, and even went to see some fireworks on Friday night.  It was a great trip and we definitely wish we were able to go up there more often!

As usual, I pretty much only got pictures of the kids, but the adults had a lot of fun too!  Maddox and Maclain are actually still in TN with Don and Lynn having "cousin camp" this week.  They sure are going to miss Owen Kate when they get back to Florida!  I can't wait to hear about everything they have been doing this week!

Miller - 9 Months

On July 4th, Miller turned 9 months old.  It's so strange to think in 3 short months we will have a 1 year old!

Some things about Miller at 9 months:
-She started crawling just after turning 8 months old... she does the army crawl and has not gotten her belly off the ground yet, but she definitely gets to where she wants to go!
-She has gotten her 2 bottom front teeth in.  It didn't seem to bother her as they were coming in, and we are thankful for that!
-She wears 12 month clothes, and some 12-18 month too!  She is still a chunky monkey!
-She does not like going to unfamiliar people but she does better if we pass her off and quickly get out of sight!
-She loves her Bible class at church and participates very well.  She pats that Bible like it's her job ;)
-She has discovered her voice and loves to squeal!
-She loves taking a bath and especially splashing!  I think she would stay in there all day if we let her.
-It seems like Miller is going to have darker hair than Maddox and Maclain.  She also has more of it at this point than either of them did.
-She takes her paci when she sleeps but does not seem to need it at other times.
-She HATES riding in the car, but does better around town than she does on trips.  Trips right now are no fun b/c of her crying, but we make it. ;)
-She likes the pool as long as someone is holding her.  She is not a fan of her float, but we are working on that!
-She likes playing peek-a-boo and being sung to. 

Happy 9 months Miller Lee!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Week With The Big Kids

A couple of weeks ago, my parents took Miller for 5 nights so that I could spend some much needed time with Maddox and Maclain.  Obviously I spend time with them every day, but I feel like everything lately has revolved around Miller's schedule since she is still is so young.  I know that's just the way life is right now, but as much as we love our Miller-bug, I needed some time to really focus on the big kids.  I met my parents on a Sunday afternoon in Albany, GA and they brought her back to me the next Friday.  I planned special activities for each day and we made the most of our time!  I loved it so much, and I know that they did too.  I'm so thankful my parents were willing to do this!  It really was a win-win because they have never had one-on-one time with her.

On Monday morning, we met friends at the splash pad at Cascades Park...

While we were at the splash pad, my friend Glenda called and invited us over for lunch, so we headed over there for a couple of hours.  The kids were exhausted when we got home and napped great that afternoon.

On Tuesday, we went to tot time at Trousdell.  I didn't take any pictures because I was in the water the whole time with the kids--- they loved it though!  I really like that they only open it up for kids age 5 and under during this time so we don't have to worry about big kids!  After Trousdell we went grocery shopping, then home for lunch and naps.

On Wednesday morning we met my friend Renee at Tom Brown Park.  We let the kids play on the playground for a while, then we went over to the pond to feed the turtles.  It was HOT that day!!

On Thursday morning, we went to storytime at the library, then to lunch with a couple of friends.  After lunch, we went and visited Daddy at work for a few minutes.  Our plan for the afternoon was to head to the movies, but we had some time to kill, so we went to Barnes & Noble where Maddox and Maclain played with the train table and looked at books.  Finally, it was time for the movie... this was Maclain's first theater experience!

We saw The Lego Movie, which I was not a fan of.  Maddox enjoyed it, though, right up until it had 2 minutes left and Maclain decided she had to go to the bathroom  right then.  I felt bad that he missed the very end of the movie, but he got over it pretty quickly.  

Friday morning my parents left to bring Miller back to Tallahassee.  We made the most of our last morning together by going up to our neighborhood pool.  We got there early and had the pool to ourselves for the first hour or so...

The time spent with Maddox and Maclain that week was so special and I would not have traded that for anything!  They loved all the extra attention and they loved not having our schedule revolve around morning naps and bottles.  It was all about them.  

With all of that said, I did miss my little Miller like crazy and was soooooo happy to see her!  I have to admit, I was a little afraid she wouldn't remember me--- 5 nights is a long time for an 8 month old!  Not to worry, though!  She immediately smiled and reached out for me.  I was relieved!

Happy Father's Day (A Little Late!)

Blogging has been put on the back burner lately due to this little thing called summer.  The little bit of free time I have each day has been filled with more pressing things, but I don't want to fall too far behind!

I want to give Daniel the recognition he deserves b/c I really don't do it enough!  He is the best daddy for our kids, hands down!  He works 55+ hours a week and still comes home each day and plays with the kids until bedtime.  He shows each one of them special attention and makes us all feel loved and protected.  He is the most patient and calm natured person I know.  He is silly with the kids, serious when he needs to be, and loves each of them unconditionally.  We are blessed to have him!