Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Little Update

We haven't had anything big going on lately, just the normal, every day stuff.  The girls and I are filling our mornings that Maddox is in preschool.  We have gone to a couple of different malls and have had fun playing in their play areas...

Some mornings we just hang out at home and the girls enjoy playing babies...

Miller is starting to seem so big and she has even graduated to the "kid table" for meals.  She thinks she is big stuff now...

The other day at preschool was storybook day.  The kids were supposed to choose their favorite book and dress up as one of the characters.  I was so proud of Maddox because he chose his Bible all on his own. When I asked him who he wanted to be, of course he chose Goliath.  :)  I couldn't convince him otherwise, so we went with it.  I thought he made a very cute Goliath, but I know I am biased.  I spray painted a hula skirt, then cut it off to make it the right length.  We covered his bike helmet in aluminum foil, and he already had the sword and shield.  He had a lot of fun going to school and seeing what everyone else dressed up as.  When I picked him up, he said, "Mommy, there sure were a lot of Elsas!"  Haha!

Last Friday night we decided to let Maddox and Maclain have their first slumber party in the new house.  We put them to bed a good bit early because we knew they would take a while to go to sleep.  Eventually they settled down and drifted off... but they were up at 5:45 Saturday morning!  Maddox is our early riser, and he just couldn't let Maclain sleep in if he wasn't. ;)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's COLD!

Remind me not to ever move again in the Winter... It's been COLD since we got to Charlotte! :)

One morning last week when I took Maddox to school it was 12 degrees. We definitely aren't used to this, but we are hanging in there. ;)  Since we can't do much outside, we are making the most of our time indoors.  Maclain and Miller are enjoying playing together on the mornings that Maddox is at school.

Thankfully, the kids haven't really asked to play outside much yet.  I think they are still enjoying their new rooms and are getting used to a new house.  We went to the mall one day last week and they really had fun playing in the little play place they had.  We are hoping to check out a few more indoor play areas soon.  Until Spring, we will be warming up by the fire and finding things to do indoors. :)

Doctor's Appointments

Last week, Maclain had her 3 year checkup and Miller had her 15 month checkup.  I tried to schedule their appointments together, but for some reason they told me that at their first appointments, they had to come on separate days.  So that's what we did!  Maclain had hers on Wednesday and she was such a big girl.  They checked her blood pressure, and asked her several questions.  She enjoyed talking to the new doctor and we assured her that she wouldn't be getting any shots this time!  Here are Maclain's stats:

Weight: 29.6 pounds (40%)
Height: 36 1/2 inches (40%)

A quick Maclain story before I move on to Miller: The other day in the car Maclain asked me, "Mommy, will I still have a Maclain face when I turn 5??"  How funny!  I love how their little minds work!  I assured her that her face will not suddenly become someone else when she turns 5. :)

Miller's appointment was on Friday, and she wasn't as thrilled as her big sister about letting the doctor do her exam. ;)  Everything checked out great and we even got the go-ahead to give Miller some benadryl when we travel... praise the Lord!!  Miller's stats were as follows:

Weight: 24 pounds, 15.5 ounces (75%)
Length: 28.75 inches (25%)
Head Circumference: 47 cm (75%)

The biggest update we have right now is that Miller finally decided to start walking.  She still loves to crawl and most of the time prefers it, but she is perfectly capable of walking.  She is definitely going at her own pace. :)

We are thankful for 2 happy, healthy little girls!

Maddox Starts a New School

Last Tuesday was Maddox's first day at his new school.  We enrolled him at Matthews United Methodist Weekday Preschool. It is less than 2 miles from our house, which is a huge plus, and he has had a great transition so far!

1st day!!
I have been meaning to get a picture of him with his teachers, but I keep forgetting and it's so chaotic at drop off and pick up I just haven't done it yet.  We had been talking to him for a couple of months about starting a new school and I was so worried about how he would handle the transition.  Little did I know, it was going to be much harder on me than it was on him!  I got there to take him in and I could feel the emotions coming.  I was so embarrassed, but there was nothing I could do to hold it back.  As soon as the teacher asked me where we moved from, I just lost it.  I couldn't even answer her!  My emotions didn't phase Maddox at all, though.  As I was standing there losing it, Maddox was saying, "Excuse me, excuse me!  Where do I put my bag?!?"  Good gracious, leaving him in a new place with strangers was so hard for me that first day, but each day got a little easier!  He goes from 9:00-1:00, which is an hour longer than he is used to, but he loves that he gets to eat lunch at school each day.  He is home with me and the girls on Mondays, which is also nice because it gives us a day each week to go explore and do something fun together.  We are now into the 2nd week and he is still loving it.  His class has done a lot of neat things so far and I can't wait to see what all he learns the rest of this year!